Purples, plums, and shades of burgundy all come to mind when I think of fall lip colors. I love Maybelline’s limited edition lipstick in Lavender Voltage and lipgloss in Purple Royale. The best way to achieve a bold lip is to first exfoliate your lips. A great DIY lip scrub is to combine olive oil with some sugar and mix it together. The olive oil will hydrate your lips, and the sugar will get rid of that dry scaly skin. Next line your lips with a deep red or purple lip liner. Then swipe your desired lipstick with a lip brush, and apply the color onto your lips. A great way to get your lipstick to last longer is to take a tissue paper and place it onto your lips, after you have applied your lip color dust some translucent powder over the tissue paper. This will help your lipstick to last longer. What is your favorite fall lipstick color?


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