Whenever I share with friends and acquaintances that I am a makeup artist they immediately ask me what’s the best product for this and that? Below I spill all the tea on some of my favorite beauty products!

Dr. Bronner’s Baby Pure Castile Soap is one of my favorite cleansers to remove product buildup and deep clean my brushes. This soap works the best on both synthetic and animal hair brushes because it is mild, but strong enough to get your brushes clean. The baby scent from their collection is the best because the smell will not linger once your brush is dry.

Cozzete brushes created by Roque Cozzette are a great addition to any artist collection. Their sleek, shiny, vinyl handle makes it ease to achieve any look effortlessly. I love Cozzete’s S125 brush because it is large enough to place blush evenly onto my cheekbones.

Sephora’s Pro Blending #27 brush is a beauty necessity! It puts all other blending brushes to shame. This brush allows you to cut your crease in order to define you eyelid, and then blend your transitional color together within seconds.

Alcone Professinal Sponge is a beauty necessity for every makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts. These sponges will help you to blend with ease, and allow your foundation to melt into your skin; instead of it sitting on top of it. Alcone sponges are latex free, and they can be reused. They can be used wet or dry. Sometimes I use Avene ┬áthermal spring water to dampen the sponge. When cleaning my sponges I like to use Dr. Bronner’s castile soap to disinfect the sponge. In order to get the sponge back to its original hue of white, I use a combination of baking soda, tea tree oil, water, and orange peel essential oil.

What are some of your favorite beauty products?


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