A winkĀ  and a bat of the lash, and he’s all yours. I love applying false eyelashes on myself and clients because it adds that extra something, and it makes a look feel complete. Whether it be wispy, short, medium, or extra long false lashes come in a variety of lengths and styles. Frequently I use wispy lashes on clients, especially Ardell and Revlon. Wispy lashes are perfect for beginners, and those who want a natural lashes. Wispy lashes start off at a shorter length, and then flare out towards the end. If applied correctly they can look like an extension of your own lashes. People will compliment you on the length of your lashes, rather than ask you if they are fake.

Eylure Vegas Nay lashes are perfect for clients with more eyelid space, or longer natural lashes. Vegas Nay is a popular Instagram makeup artist, who has partnered with Eylure to design an exclusive line of lashes. I find that I always have to trim Eylure lashes on myself, but I can use the parts that I have trimmed off as individual lashes. This exclusive line can be found at Ulta and Target.

Revlon Wispy lashes create the most natural look. I have only been able to find these lashes on line from walgreens.com and drugstore.com

Royal Crown Lashes are a new line of human hair lashes created by makeup artist extraordinaire Jasmine. The craftmanship and design can be seen throughout this line of unique lashes.These bold flirty lashes come in three styles Kara, Candace, and Amage. Jasmine sketched and designed these lashes until they were made to perfection. These lashes will surely put Kim Kardashian’s to shame. Royal Crown Lashes can be purchased at www.royalcrownlashes.com. Jasmine can be found on the Instagram handle of @Tokenbrowngirl.

What are some of your favorite lashes?

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