Bleaching and tinting your brows is a great way to change up your look without breaking your bank account. This process lifts your natural brow color to a lighter shade. Tinting your brows adds color back.

Whenever I add color to my hair I lighten my eyebrows, so that they will compliment each other. My favorite brand is Jolen (sensitive skin) brow lightening creme. The package comes with a lighting powder and creme. I mix a little of each onto a piece of paper, and apply some onto my brows using a q-tip. Today I left the Jolen on my brows for 10 minutes, and then removed the creme with a damp cotton round.  Results may vary depending on how long you leave the creme on to process. Also, do not try to lighten your brows right after waxing, threading or tweezing because it may irritate your skin.

Have you ever tried to lighten your brows? What were your results?

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