Banishing your alligator skin might have seemed impossible before reading this post, but with this jam pack rainbow of information I have provided you with below, you will be prepared to walk into any skincare aisle with ease knowing exactly, which product will work best for you! Exfoliation is the reason for the season, when it comes to the fall and winter months. Exfoliating at least once or twice a week will surely have you doing a praise dance. Finding the right exfoliant for your skin depends on whether your skin is normal, dry, oily, or combination. For example, if your skin is dry you might need to use a chemical exfoliant  that contains glycolic acid, verses a physical exfoliant that contains beads or sugar to slough off dead skin. Glycolic acid derives naturally from sugar, but some companies use synthetic compounds to create this skincare treatment. Sometimes glycolic acid is referred to as Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Alpha Hydroxy Acid(AHA) is a chemical compound that removes dead skin at the outermost layer, also known as the epidermis. Once the top layer of dead skin is removed, your cells turnover and create new cells, and reveal your glowy skin. Because AHA’s remove the outermost layer of your skin, it is important that you protect your skin and wear sunscreen. Their are many benefits to using glycolic acid such as it will improve the appearance of  your skin and its texture, and it may reduce acne and hyperpigmentation. Glycolic treatments such as Mario Badescu’s Glycolic Foaming Cleanser give my skin a natural glow, and help to treat any acne that is at the surface layer of my skin. I use this cleanser once a week. It’s important to not over use AHA’s because they can thin your skin and cause wrinkles. Rough, dry, cracked, and flaky are all the adjectives I used before trying First Aid Beauty. After using this brand my skin felt so rejuvenated. Last winter, my skin went a lot with the harsh brisk winter air, but First Aid beauty’s nourishing moisturizer coupled with their cleanser saved my skin! This skincare brand that caters to all skin types, with their key ingredients of colloidal oatmeal and shea butter. I love this brand because it works best for my dry skin during the winter months. There rich creamy cleanser feels like a luxurious lotion washing away my skin’s impurities. After rinsing my face, my skin feels as smooth as a baby’s behind! Their Facial Radiance Polish is a great physical exfoliant on the days when my skin needs that extra push. During the winter months, oil cleansers are a wonderful addition to your skincare regimen, since they are able to cleanse without stripping your skin of its natural oils. My favorite oil cleanser is Dermalogica’s Precleanse oil because it hydrates my skin with oils like apricot, rosemary, and sunflower to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin. GlamGlow SuperMud is a definite game changer in my skincare routine. Glam Glow is known for their extensive line of award winning mud masks. Their Glam Glow Super Mud mask contains a mixture of AHA’s and BHA’s. Beta Hyrdroxy Acids(BHA’s) treat the skin at a deeper level, and because of this it is great for people with acne prone skin. This mask acts as a magnet and removes blackheads, cystic acne, and minimizes your pores, and for this reason I keep repurchasing this mask.  I use  Avene thermal spring water to dampen my face, and then place some of the Glam Glow Super Cleanse facial mask onto my face. After the mask drys, I wash my face and apply serum and moisturizer. Over the years, I’ve tried everything from over the counter to high-end products to help alleviate some of my skin issues.   What are some of your holy grail products cleansers?

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