Creating a dramatic makeup look might seem daunting, when you don’t have all the necessary supplies, but there are many ways you can achieve an editorial look without spending an enormous amount of money. For this caribbean carnival inspired look, I used Ashunta Sheriff’s Perfect Blend dual foundation stick. This foundation stick is great for those trying to achieve a flawless look. One side of the foundation stick is dark and the other is light. Both ends of the stick are designed to compliment each other, and from my personal experience the coverage and silkiness it offers is better than most dual foundations. Personally, I love using creamy  foundations because it looks natural rather than cakey on clients, so that all the attention can be focused on one’s eyes. Some clients classify a smokey eye as a dramatic look, while others feel a bold lip color is daring enough. Whenever I ask clients, what type of  look they would like for their event, and their response is a smokey eye, I  know my investigative skills will be put to the test. The term smokey eye has different means for all. For some, a smokey eye might mean a flesh tone color with deep brown or plum in the crease, while other clients might consider it to mean black eyeliner all over the eyelid. After discussing with my clients what a smokey eye means for them, in most cases they zone in on that they will like a soft smokey eye. A soft smokey eye is a look grounded with a natural flesh tone color, and anchored by a taupe, brown, orange brown, or red eyeshadow in the crease. Instead of placing a dark color eyeshadow or eyeliner all over the lid, another way to add intensity and depth to your look is to line your upper and lower lash line with a dark eyeliner. One of my favorite eyeliners is Inglot #77. This deep rich black liner is richly pigmented, and it does not require eyeshadow to set it in place. It is waterproof, and won’t budge until you’re ready to remove it. What are some inexpensive ways you achieve a dramatic look?

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