Jump up and wave! Put your hands up and wave them in the air! 5 cents, 10 cents, $1. Growing up these were the songs that my Trinidadian parents would play all the time. On Saturdays my mom would teach me how to whine to soca music from an old cassette tape, until the tape would get caught in the player, and we would use a pencil to rewind it back into place. Every Sunday we would attend church, and once my shiny oxford shoes graced the steps of our local church, I would spot my grandmother, also known as Mother, in her big red hat, long red coat, and polished red leather shoes.

After hugging the priest and telling him how much she enjoyed his sermon, she would rush backĀ  home to put the final touches on her famous fried bake, eggs, and salt-fish. I never needed to call her, and ask what she was making on any given day because as soon as I would approach her block, I would be intoxicated with the aroma of sweet bread, stew chicken, roti , and callaloo.

Although I miss those days, one way I try to keep my grandmother’s memory alive is through food and music. During Labor Day weekend, I hear old songs she would sing, and music my parents would play from all my surrounding neighbors blasting soca music for miles.

Since I will not be jumping up on the parkway this year, I decided I would create a dramatic look, in hopes to inspire you all to go out their and have fun! Enjoy your day off. I created this festive look using things I already own such as: an old necklace from Old Navy and makeup from my personal collection.

What are some ways you will be celebrating this Labor Day?

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