Social media is constantly changing with various apps and programs, but Twitter’s latest addition called Periscope is standing the test of time. Periscope is a live video streaming service that allows users to broadcast their content worldwide. Currently, Periscope has over 9 million followers and growing. Once you click their blue teardrop icon and select broadcast live, you will have a live stream with an audience. Since Periscope is owned by Twitter, your broadcast automatically sends a message to your followers that you are broadcasting live, and the topics you’re discussing. Periscope users create scopes on anything ranging from makeup tutorials, how to monetize your business, how to build a website, natural hair, motherhood, and much more. Periscope has shaken the social media game up, and challenged its competitors by creating a user friendly platform, where creators can broadcast, market, and monetize their brand.

A baby cries for the first time in his mother’s arms, as she sings him the lullaby Oh How Lovely is the Morning. His father types Hi, Buddy. I love you so much! I remember when you were as a tiny as a bean in mommy’s tummy. I wish I was there; I can’t wait to hold you! Sometimes daddy is stationed in different places across the world, while serving and protecting our country. I love you so much! Stories like this can be broadcasted live on Periscope, and in this scenario the family could have set this scope to be private, so only specific family members could view it.  Additionally this couple could pitch this scope to Hallmark for a Superbowl commercial, and get that brand to pay them every time the commercial airs. The marketing possibilities for your brand on Periscope are endless!

According to the amazing income strategist,entrepreneur, and owner of Nicole Walters, “Periscope is a running commercial for your brand.” During her scope Nicole, also known as Scoprah gives viewers actionable and quantifiable steps to monetize their life. After watching a scope with Scoprah, you will have several pages of notes leading you in the right direction to make your coins multiply.

Today Periscope released several updates for its IOS users. Now Scopers can share their broadcast on Facebook and Youtube. All scopes last for 24 hours, unless the user saves and uploads it to another social media platform. This update allows creators to record their scopes in landscape or portrait mode, and with these options people can easily view scopes from their TV’s and Ipad’s.

So you’re probably wondering what are the best ways to use Periscope to elevate your brand. The best way to utilize Periscope is to choose topics that you’re passionate about. Look at Periscope like your walking into a meeting that has all the best elements because your the CEO of that cast. Outline some notes before making your broadcast, but don’t rehearse; instead use your notes as a guideline to keep the content going in the direction you want it to. The possibilities with Periscope are endless, and the best thing about it is you can discuss anything you want with anyone around the world!

Who are some Periscopers that you follow?

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