Creative Spotlight is a column that features entrepreneurs and people living their dreams. I believe that is so important to share your journey with others, while you are experiencing it  because you never know how your journey may impact or inspire someone else. Today’s first Creative Spotlight interview is the world renowned makeup artist Nicky Posley.

How did you get started working in the makeup industry?

My background is in fine arts, and although I have experimented with many forms of visual expression, I’ve always come back to drawing/painting the face. I was endlessly fascinated with the detail and nuance of the facial features. The people who were closest to me were visual artists and beauty professionals growing up. We embraced the power of transformation that beauty art and fashion could provide. We used it to create a sense of escapism from the reality we knew and shared. As I began experimenting with makeup, I fell in love with the process and ritual of it all. I would practice on anyone who would let me, and just kept putting one foot in front of the other until I was living in my passion.

I love the line from your biography page on your website, where you say your journey into becoming an artist started with “purple angels etched in crayon.” What are some ways you draw upon that time period for inspiration today?

I believe that we are much more potent, in a sense, as children, because we don’t know where the boundaries are, and at that time haven’t placed any upon ourselves. As children, we believe the world is on our side and that all is possible, simply because we believe. When I’m creating, I feel that joy, that  freedom and ease of discovery. It’s a powerful thing to tap into and let yourself be inspired by.

Who are some makeup artist that inspire you?

I have to say that I’m inspired by a handful, but  my personal favorites are: Sam Fine, Kevyn Aucoin, Renny Vasquez, Roshar, and  Kabuki. There is a language that they speak that deeply resonates with me.

I love that you and Renny Vasquez are collaborating for your Chicago Beauty and Beyond class, how did this collaboration come about?

The collaboration really was a product our friendship, mutual admiration, and respect for one another’s craft. It happened very organically. He’s an amazing artist and more importantly, and amazing, integrity filled human being, and mentor in business. We have a lot in common, and share a lot of the same beliefs about beauty, even though we express them individually.

Can you share some information about this class and future classes?

The class is about showing different perspectives in a journey to and end result that is beautiful, timeless, and modern. We also share a bit of our own personal stories, and what has helped us along in this industry.

What can one expect from one of your fabulous hands-on classes?

Everything LOL! Seriously, it’s an up-close and personal lesson in how I create my version of beautiful makeup. This includes everything from skin-prep, foundation selection, blending, contour, highlighting, color, brows, lashes, and finishing secrets.

Why is it important for artist to continue to take additional educational classes?

The marketplace and the industry are always growing and changing. To remain relevant and viable, we must always seek to better ourselves and our skill-sets.

When you started your career as a makeup artist, what’s one piece of advice you wish someone would have given you?

Never judge your clarity based on the reaction of another. When you’re clear, you’re clear…..

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