You graduated from college, and your degree hangs above your desk, but you still haven’t landed your dream job. College helped you develop your skills to get into the field of your choice, but it hasn’t helped you to devise a plan on getting there. That’s where your creativity, research, and determination will come into play.

A few months ago, a Linkedin user commented on the Binghamton University career forum, stating that it took him a long time to find a job after graduating from college. He applied to countless jobs and received no reply. One day he decided to print out a stack of his resumes, and sit down next to the checkout counter at Starbucks. He said that over a dozen customers stopped him and asked about his degree and experience; some even interviewed him on the spot. Many were amazed by his courage to ask for what he wanted.

Although he was unable to get a job offer that day, one customer gave him his business card, and told him to call him later. It turned out that the customer was in the same field the man wanted to get into. After speaking with the businessman, he told him that he couldn’t offer him a job because he did not have enough experience, but he would mentor him, and help him find a job in that field. Several interviews later, he got a job he was truly passionate about, and the businessman from Starbucks was the reference that he used to get the job! Landing and keeping the job of your dreams requires more than a fancy resume, it requires being resilient when you are faced with adversity, and finding the right resources to help you reach your career goals.

Doing your research to see which skills are in demand will help you to achieve your highest level of success. Utilizing websites such as and for tutorials on various web programs can enhance your resume. is a website that provides users access to thousands of instructional tutorials ranging from excel 2013, introduction to Graphic Design, ios app development and many more. Websites like these help you to development your skills and strengthen your resume.

Also, hiring career coaches or monetization strategists can help you pinpoint the areas you need to improve, and show you how to capitalize on your skills. Nicole Walters, a monetization strategist of, gives clients actionable and quantifiable steps to live the life they have always wanted! Nicole offers classes on her website ranging from how to set up your own Amazon store, increase your credit score, and many more. Adeea R. Rogers is a business consultant, who helps clients find their purpose. After taking a class with Adeea you will have a notebook filled with actionable steps to fulfill your dreams.

Thinking outside the box helped that Binghamton alumni find a job in the field he wanted.  Learning never stops once your professor has ended their lecture! The learning continues with you seeking out the resources you need to help you succeed in the job market.

How has creativity played a factor in your job search?

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