Have you ever wondered about the underlying meaning of a before and after photo? Well this week we explored what these split images really mean in the article called Before&After: DO I Look Better Now? What Do these Photos Mean?

Ever wondered which refresher spray this natural uses to get her hair looking so fly? Check out my article for all the deets. Refresher Sprays: What Replaced My Holy Grail Product.

Raise of hands. Who’s tired of keeping a basket full of new products around itchy to review them? Me! Me! Oh Yeah, Me! Monthly Newbies is a new feature of the blog where I will share new products I have purchased that month. Throughout the month I will share my latest products.

Come back tomorrow for my article on Feeling the Fear & Doing it Anyway: Attending Elizabeth Gilbert’s reading of her new book Big Magic.

How do you define fear? What’s one thing  you do to conquer fear?

*Psst… All the highlighted text are clickable links to the articles mentioned, enjoy!

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