Last week, I placed my first order for Makeup Geek eyeshadows, and they arrived yesterday! I’ve been a big fan of its CEO Marlena, and her Youtube channel for many years. My order took less than a week to arrive. I ordered two duo chrome eyeshadows from her latest collection, and the cult favorite pigment called Utopia. Unfortunately, the first duochrome pressed eyeshadow Mai Tai($6) isn’t as pigmented as some of the swatches I’ve seen on the Makeup Geek website, or from other popular Youtube beauty gurus. Mai Tai is an orange eyeshadow with some tones of pink.  This eyeshadow is chalky, and when it is blended out the pigment begins to dwindle, and it is not as vibrant as its initial swatch.   Last week on Snapchat, Marlena announced that some customers received shattered duo chrome pigments due to a manufacturing issue with the containers sifter. She recommended that customers take a picture of their shattered product, and send it to customer service, and they will reissue a new one once Makeup Geek receives its new packaging. Because of this I opened the duochrome pigment called Wildfire($12) with the utmost of care. Out of the three colors I purchased this one is my favorite! This eyeshadow contains various shades of gold, pink, and red. During the holiday season last year, I recall many Youtubers raving about the pigment eyeshadow called Utopia($8.99). This eyeshadow is perfect for the fall season with shades ranging from darkened green to flecks of silver, gold, and purple. Also it would look great with a black eyeshadow primer, and then layer Utopia on top. That combination will make a fantastic smokey eye, which will have everyone asking What color is that? What’s your favorite Makeup Geek eyeshadow?

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