Have you ever wondered what a $5 dollar slice of  pizza tastes like? Yesterday, I went to Artichoke’s Pizzeria in Park Slope, Brooklyn to find out if their pizza was really worth its price tag. The Margherita Pizza is about the size of both my hands combined, and this is their justification for their pricing! This slice is adorned with fresh mozzarella, basil, and dusted with parmesan cheese.  Take one bite of this slice, and it goes downhill from there, and I mean literally. The weight of the cheese on this slice prevents the crust from living up to its full potential. It’s a soggy cheesy mess! At this point, you’re probably wondering, Did you try the Artichoke pizza? I did! It was so delicious that I devoured it before I could take a picture. The Artichoke pizza has a rich creamy sauce infused with artichoke on every bite. Its crust is thick and crispy. I would only return to this pizzeria for their artichoke pizza!

Where’s your favorite place to purchase pizza?

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