Since starting this blog back in late August, there were so many things I wish I knew before-hand, but I am still learning. I decided to share some of the key points I’ve learned along the way with you.

                                                         What’s a domain?

A domain is what you name your website. Purchasing your website’s domain allows your site to be recognized as a, net, edu, and org. If you are looking into purchasing your website’s name some websites that offer this service are and

                                                         What’s a hosting site?

Once you have selected your website’s name, all you have to do is select your hosting site. There are many hosting websites out there such as:,,, and Before purchasing your hosting site, I highly recommend doing a google search for coupon codes for that hosting site, or try to save some coins on your site especially, if you are using

                                                     Why is your template important?

Selecting the right template for your website is crucial because readers decide within  minutes whether they are buying what you are selling or not. Depending on which hosting site you chose, they will offer a wide variety of free WordPress templates, but if you are not satisfied with your selection, their are some websites that sell templates.

                                                        Creating Categories

After writing your article, you hit publish, and you think you’re done! NO! I have learned the hard way how important categories are, and how they help readers’ locate past articles that are relevant to them.

                                                       Do Your Research

Doing your research is crucial regardless of the field you’re in because it will ultimately save you money and time in the long run. Some things you may have to delegate to a virtual assistant, or a computer savvy individual, or use a website such as to delegate a particular task such having a banner or a graphic designed.

Overall, the one thing that I have learned from blogging is that you have to be in a constant state of openness, and willingness to receive information and advice from experts. Under no circumstances do you have to take those individuals feedback, but what I have learned is to only value the information that will actually help my business grow from people who have been in that position, or people who have the credentials to support the knowledge they are sharing with me. Listen to the feedback and advice and take away from those conversations what you need!

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