So you have purchased your domain and hosting site, and all your content is up and ready to go! One thing I have learned along this journey is that there are two questions that I constantly ask myself and other entrepreneurs. Those two questions are “Why and How.”

How in the world?

How can I get all this work done? That’s a question I often ask myself, but then I lift that 50 pound weight off my shoulders, and prioritize and categorize the things I would like to accomplish in a given day.  Sometimes my to-do lists crosses over two pages, and although it may seem overwhelming (which by the way I have found this word to be used frequently  by entrepreneurs) I have decided to focus on what can be accomplished in a day; instead of what cannot. Meditating or journaling at the end of the day to highlight your accomplishments will help you to visually see what you have completed that day. It’s important to celebrate your wins because it will help you to achieve your goals!

How can I raise my number of followers?

According to researchers, there are many ways to increase your social media following. Taking photos with additional lighting might lead to potential followers liking your pictures. Also, if you are taking a picture of a product, you should position the product at different angles, and consider using a white sheet of paper as the backdrop for your product. The white backdrop gives the lighting something to bounce off of, which will enhance the overall look of your picture. Another way to increase your followers is by using hashtags that relate to brand or you personally. Hashtags make it easier for followers to find topics that interest them. Iconosquare is a website that pulls statistics for your Instagram account. It provides information about your posts such as: which picture was shared; which one was the most  popular, and which hashtags you received the most followers and likes.

Why Oh Why?

Why do I want to do this? When you are able to answer the question, Why do I  want to do this, then the how becomes so much easier! Everything will fall into place when you have a clear understanding as to why you embarked on this journey in the first place!
What are two questions you ask yourself as an entrepreneur?

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