I wrote this blog post two weeks ago, after I finished blogging ahead of schedule! Then my life changed. I have been dealing with severe back pain. There  have been times when I could barely walk. Although the pain I have endured has been unbearable at times, I have thought about my blog everyday! Their are so many plans I have for the future with this blog and my website, but the reality is I have to give myself time. Going forward I will start blogging 2-3 times a week, and this will allow me to continue to provide you all with all with awesome content!

Starting your own business can be overwhelming and challenging. As entrepreneurs our websites are equally as important as our businesses. In this article I break down some of those techy words, and some things I wish others would have shared with me when I started this process. Click the link for the article 5 Things I wish I knew before Starting my Own Website.

As an entrepreneur there are many questions you will constantly ask. In this blog post I outline the top two questions entrepreneurs should be asking themselves and others. Once you’re clear about your goals, achieving them will be within reach. Click here to read Entrepreneur Life: The 2 Questions You Should Always be Asking.

Get excited! Sephora’s Friends & Family Sale is finally here! In this blog posts, I share the two things you should have on your lists of things to purchase this holiday season.  Sephora Friends & Family Sale: The 2 things You Should Have on Your Lists

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