Christmas is this Friday, and a great way to save money and time this holiday season is to add some accessories to your outfit. The parking lots at malls are filled to capacity, so you will probably save some time, miles and gas for your car when you shop your collection. Accessories like earrings, makeup, and nail polish can really take your look to the next level.

                                                            Those Nails Tho


China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps red nail polish is the perfect shade with flecks of grey  glitter. Your nails will sparkle with glee, as it adds the perfect touch for all those “OMG; thank you so much for xyz gift,” moments.


M.A.C’s Ruby Woo lipstick is the perfect shade of red with blue undertones. It’s one of my favorite red lipsticks to pair with Revlon’s Candy Apple lip balm. Since the Ruby Woo lipstick is matte, it can make your lips quite dry, so I like to add a little bit of Revlon’s lip balm to the center of my lip.

                                                All About That Bling


Shine bright like a diamond this holiday, by adding a statement piece necklace, ring, or pair of earrings to tie your whole look together.


                                        Santa’s bringing Headbands  


Toss it up, pull it back, or wear it down with a festive hair accessory this season to dress up your do! 

What accessories will you be adding to your outfit this holiday season?





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