Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart.

Entrepreneurship is tough, but it’s also rewarding! Imagine- you go from writing an idea on paper, to creating a road map, finalizing the details of your business plan, and lastly publishing your website. Most days you’re a web-developer, lawyer, assistant, customer service rep., researcher, and content creator, in addition to being the owner of your brand. To say you wear many hats is an understatement!

For the next four weeks, we’ll discuss the key steps to jump-start your brand and take a leap into the entrepreneurship arena. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the color of emotion for branding, how to create a logo, choose the right website template, and much more! This week we will cover the color of emotion for branding!

Brands use the color of emotion wheel as a guide to select which colors best represent their brand and create a connection with their customers.

Some famous logos are Oreo’s font logo with white and blue text, Apple’s grey apple, and Target’s red bull eye. The colors that brands select for their logos represents something different on the color of emotion wheel. Blue represents trust, dependability, and strength. Grey symbolizes balance, calm, and neutral. Red conjures feelings of excitement, boldness, and youth. Selecting the right color for your brand is important because it allows people to easily recognize your brand and logo. Throughout the world McDonald’s yellow colored M is universally recognized regardless of their menu. After examining the color of emotion spectrum, you might not look at your favorite logos the same way again!

Before creating a logo, graphic designers discuss with their clients which colors best represent their brand and why? In addition, designers inquire about what words, fonts, and shapes best reflect their brand. The more details that brand owners provide their designers with, the more likely it will be for designers to create and fulfill their client’s vision.

After changing my website name last month from to, I decided to change the color layout of the blog to purple. The main color that cascades throughout the blog now is a neon purple, and later this month two more colors will be introduced to further unify my brand. Purple symbolizes royalty, innovation, and creativity on the color of emotion wheel. Selecting the color purple was important for my brand because the website addresses beauty, food, and technology. Purple is easily recognizable and embodies mission of my brand.

*What are some of your favorite brand logos?

To find out more information about the color of emotion wheel click here.

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