Last August, I blogged regularly, in order to fulfill my dream of becoming a beauty editor at a magazine. While doing the behind the scenes work required to get a blog up and running smoothly, I came up with the idea to turn my blog into an online magazine. At the time, I didn’t realize, how much money, time, and energy such a lofty goal would require.

During my attempt to turn the blog into a magazine, I took a few online courses, learned some coding language, and continued to research and study new skills to enhance my website. Eventually, I decided to put my dream of having an online magazine on hold for now, and rebrand my website and my online presence. I changed my website and social media handles from (@kimberlyjoymua) to the (@thpursuitofjoy).

The decision to change my website name was difficult because sometimes followers might not recognize a brand’s new name. I decided to take a leap of faith and brainstorm new names for my brand. After a few months of going over various names, and then booking a session with Adeea Rogers, I came up with a long lists of names like joybeyondbeauty, beautybeyondjoy, beyondtheprettythings,thepursuitofjoy, and a few more. I kept circling back to the name because if I hadn’t pursued what interested me I wouldn’t be where I am today. Today I  have a collection of over 80 blog posts, various followers on my social media platforms, and I am a Brand Ambassador for SheaMoisture.

Several months ago, I did a Pericope broadcast on the importance of pursuing your interests versus your

Sometimes the interests you hold for a particular topic such as technology might lead you to take courses in computer coding and research more information on the topic. Following your interests might lead to your passion. People often say follow your passion, and it will lead you to the perfect career or something you love. In my experience it has been the reverse! My curosity to learn more about computer coding, digital graphics, and website building has helped me to create a website and brand I am passionate about and share with the world online.

The strides I’ve made did not take place over night; instead it has been and continues to be a long road filled with a lot of sweat, tears, and long nights building my website and my social media platforms, in addition to taking online courses.

*Have you ever changed your brand name? If so, what was your rebranding experience like?


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