Trying to get your brand recognized on Instagram just got a little bit easier. Instagram now gives users the option to have either a business or personal page.

Selecting a business page allows your Instagram profile to be connected to your Facebook page. Also, your posts will now have detailed analytics informing you how many people viewed, engaged, and liked your social media posts. Followers can send you a direct e-mail from your Instagram business page. Another cool feature to Instagram business page is that you can promote specific posts.

A personal Instagram page is a great way to build your professional brand. You can keep your friends and family informed of your latest trips, events, and more with pictures and videos. However, a personal page does not allow you to view the analytics of your posts or provide your followers with your e-mail address. Although a personal page does not have all the perks of a business page, you can still look up social media posts analytics on Iconosquare is a website that shows you which of your posts has the highest reach, and which of your followers has viewed your page the most.

In order to switch to a IG business page, first you have to setup your Facebook business/fan account. Next go to your Instagram profile, and click on the wheel icon at the right corner of your page. Scroll down the page until you see Switch to Business Account. Then your business account profile will have a contact and a follow option for viewers. You can add your business e-mail address by clicking on edit profile and scrolling down to add e-mail address.

*Will you switch to a IG business account or stick with a personal account?

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