Judith Vazquez is the queen of all trades! She is a phlebotomist, makeup artist, and esthetician. When clients receive her facials, they feel as though they have been transported to the ethos of calm and relaxation. Find out more about Judith, and her journey to becoming a makeup artist and esthetician in the interview below.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself, and how you got started in the makeup industry, and how you have transitioned into the skincare industry?

I’m a single parent from NYC. I work in a  hospital as a medical assistant/Phlebotomist for the past 19 years, and now as a freelance makeup artist and  Esthetician. This experience has allowed me to enhance my skills, and bring my makeup artistry background to skincare.

Give us a glimpse into what your day at esthetician school looked like.

I attended evening class after a long and busy day at work. I was always excited to learn what we were doing next in theory, but on the practical days… We actually worked on each other. This gave us the opportunity to deal and analyze different skin types such as mature or younger skin.

What are some of the challenges you experienced while in esthetician school?

One of the challenges was the fear of the unknown with my own skin. My skin was going through a change all of a sudden. Acne, dry skin, dehydration, hyper-pigmentation. In addition to this, I  was sensitive to products. Eventually I got through it. Thank god I did!

What advice would you give someone applying to esthetician school(s)?

If you are love skincare and helping people define their beauty before using makeup, Then Go for It!!!! You’re not limited to only working in a spa. You can open your own business, work in other fields for a skincare company, medical office, or freelancer. The list goes on and on because the sky’s the limit!

As the weather starts to change, what skincare advice would you give to someone with dry or oily skin?

For my dry skin ladies and men I recommend seeing a skin specialist. Esthetician first before a dermatologist. We would know the proper care for your skin by analyzing your skin first. Then we would recommend products or treatments to cater towards your skin type. (For dry skin a milky cleanser ,enzyme exfoliator,vitamin C serum ,and a SPF moisturizer at all times). For Oily skin a Purity cleanser not foamy at all- leave that for your dishes, lol!  Some products to also look into are an enzyme exfoliator, a serum like ClearCell by Image, then a mattifying SPF moisturizer. That should keep your skin looking fresh and prevent less oil buildup.

What are some of your favorite skincare products?

I have so many on my list! There are so many brands from commercial to pharmaceuticals. But so far they are Image skincare, NaturalPathica , Expurtise, Skincueticals, and Limelight by Alcone .

What are 3 tips you would give someone starting their career in the makeup and skincare industry?

Whether you choose makeup or skin, make sure you continue to educate yourself. Whether it’s going back to school and getting your license or certification, or attending seminars about them. Never give up because it’s all going to come together as one.

How can new clients get in touch with you?

Clients can easily DM me on Instagram, inbox on FB or send me a text. My number isn’t private, so please only reach out if you’re serious about your skin concerns.

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