When I started my website almost 2 years ago, I didn’t know then what I know today. I had no idea how to create an e-mail opt-in pop-up, so that when I transferred my website to a hosting site I would still be able to keep in touch with my followers.
After changing my website name and layout, I marketed my website through various platforms such as: Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope. I gained some followers and retention through these platforms, but I could’ve reached a larger audience if I had an e-mail list of subscribers.
Currently, I use the WordPress plugin MailMunch to encourage reader’s to subscribe to my newsletter, and then I use Mailerlite to send out e-mails and newsletters to my subscribers.
Mailmunch is user friendly, and it offers different options for it’s customers. The first step to creating your MailMunch pop-up is selecting which style you like, and then creating a message. After creating your message you can chose to integrate it with your e-mail marketing program. Finally, you can publish your pop-up and have it displayed on your homepage.
Do you have a e-mail-opt-in for your website ?

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