Not that Pumpkin Candle Girl: A Poem

imageOne thing I will miss about summer is the long evenings, when the sun sets far beyond 8 p.m. The extension it provides far surpasses that of the New York skyline. It captivates you with its intensity in warmth and variation in color.

From my bedroom window, I gaze at the sky as the sun sets and changes from yellow, orange, purple, and red. It disappears from the skyline and cools the air.

Leaves begin to fall from their branches and kiss the cracked sidewalk.

Families pick pumpkins from the patch, and rush home to bake pumpkin everything. The pumpkin aroma fills the air.

I love biting into Libby’s Pumpkin Bread, and devouring a soft piece of  pumpkin heaven that overflows with cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. The spices dance on my tongue and warm my soul.

Then comes the dreaded Bath & Body Works pumpkin and leaves candles. Their artificial scent can send one into a scent coma, that only their aromatherapy collection can revive.

Fall feels like a warm embrace romancing me. It  feels like learning to dance salsa for the first time, and allowing my partner to lead me before I do.

*Sidenote: I was supposed to be writing a totally different post, and started writing a poem about fall. What’s your favorite thing or least favorite thing about fall?

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